gc The entire building process is new to me, so I’ve learned a lot already, and we haven’t even broken ground.  When I found out that Barden Homes doesn’t send a crew to build your house, I learned that a General Contractor (GC) is used to manage the project.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the salesperson you get from Barden is often a general contractor as well, making it a streamlined process.  You don’t have to use the salesperson though.

Who’s In Charge Here???

The GC for your house building project is your single point of contact throughout the process.  Without a GC, you will have to line up an electrician, excavator, drywaller, etc…  all on your own.  You will also be in charge of directing and scheduling all of them, answering all of their questions, and individually  paying them.  That may be exactly what you want to do, but in my case, I’d rather let an expert deal with it. 

Often, your GC will already have connections with several subcontractors,  and may have leverage with them to get you better rates.  Our GC has built nearly 300 Barden Homes and has many subcontractors available along with his own crew.  We’re hoping that he can save us money on non-Barden materials, as well as squeeze his subcontractors a bit for better rates.

Picking Your GC

It’s important to note that you are open to pick whoever you would like to be your General Contractor.  If you have a friend or a trusted resource that is a general contractor, you’re welcome to have them do the work.  They DO NOT need to be familiar with the Barden process, as a Barden Home is built just like a stick-built home, with some parts being shipped to the work site, already constructed.

Second Opinions Keep People Honest

Even if you plan on using your salesperson or a GC that they recommend, it wouldn’t hurt to ask another GC to quote your build.  This will give you some perspective, as well ensure you’re getting an honest deal from your selected GC.  This will very likely be the biggest investment you will ever make, so you may as well cover all of your bases, and do your due diligence.

General Contractor Fees

I do not have extensive experience in the fees with general contractors, but the number I have been given is 3-4% of the Barden Homes materials cost.  This means, if your Barden materials cost $100,000.00, it would cost you $3,000.00-4,000.00 for the GC.  These rates will obviously vary, but that was the range I was given.