I was amazed to find out that the molds for the foundation walls could be removed so soon after pouring them!  In fact, I spoke with one of the concrete guys today and he said they could have taken them off as soon as 5 hours after pouring them.  Today, just one day after pouring, the guys were able to walk on the walls and work with them as pleased. 

DSC00115 DSC00116 DSC00117

Slight Concern

When they removed the molds, my wife and I immediately noticed, what seems to be a mistake in the placement of one of the foundation windows on the back side of the house.  We had them add 4 windows across the back, positioned directly below windows on the 1st floor.  Unfortunately, it looks like the window hole they put in for the window to left of the fireplace chimney is much closer to the chimney than it’s counterpart on the other side of the chimney.

There may be a reason for this placement that wasn’t discussed with us, but from looking at the plans, the window isn’t centered with the window on the 1st floor.  It’s not the end of the world, but I don’t imagine redoing it is an option at this point.  The video shows the chimney area I am referring to.

Yes, More Video

I decided to shoot a short video of the exposed foundation walls, which can be seen here: