Just when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you fall down a rat hole!  We are now officially 2 1/2 months past the time we wanted to get started on the house.  Some of it’s our fault, some of it’s not.  As I noted previously,  we had some issues getting a sewage permit.  When that finally got approved, we had to wait for Barden Homes to send us stamped prints (which didn’t happen until this past Monday), and now, the plumber has to get registered to work in my city, and I need to get our new address listed with the 911 Center in our area…  It just never ends.

I finally got all of the above in place (or in progress), just to find out that my lawyer is taking his time getting the closing documents done.  Seems like they should be able to breeze right through that stuff considering the number of mortgages they close…  guess not.

Hopefully this delay will end soon and we can get rolling…  Our new estimated closing date is May 27th.  I hope we can get rolling that day!