My wife and I are very fortunate because her parents own a very nice parcel of land that connects to their backyard, and the street above their street.  They’ve held onto it for 15 or so years to basically protect their backyard.  When we started talking about building a home, they quickly offered to sell us that lot.  Now, many people would cringe at the thought of living that close to their in-laws, but I get along quite well with mine.  Before selling our last house (prior to us living with my in-laws), my wife (who stays at home with our children), used to go to her parents house at least 4 days a week.  So, we have always spent a good deal of time there anyways.

Thinking more long term, it will put us at a very convenient proximity to help out as her parents age.  It also puts us next door, so traveling over for holidays won’t be more than a walk through the yard.  Finally, they have invested heavily into entertainment for their kids, by adding a swimming pool, and sport court to their yard.  Instead of them using those things on visits to the grandparents, they will have access to them daily.

Enough About You, What About the Lot?

The lot itself is 2.28 acres in size, and will allow us to be the last house on the left side of a dead-end road.  Here’s a map:

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It looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but in actuality, it’s as close to where we shop, and travel in town as we could possibly be without having to live on a city street.  You can see the pool and basketball/tennis/volley ball court in the map.


The map shows a fairly wooded lot which is accurate, but we’ve been cutting down trees ourselves (to save precious money), and just recently had it chipped and hauled away.  Here’s a brief video of the area of the lot that we are using to place the house:


I setup a youtube channel that I will add video to throughout construction: