As we quickly approach the timeframe where we wanted to be started with construction, my wife and I are very frustrated with the amount of time it takes Barden to make changes to the floor plans, to send back to us for approval.  I will be the first to admit that we switched things up pretty late in the game, but it was a necessary change, for budget reasons.  Because we’re new to home construction, we never really questioned our salesperson’s acknowledgement that we were within budget on the Sullivan’s Run house we spent so much time designing.  The truth of the matter was, it was way over budget.  Our General Contractor was very helpful in bringing us into reality!

So, as we make final changes to our new home design, we’re waiting about 10 days each time, for Barden to make the changes and send them back.  Because I own a Web Marketing & Development firm with an IT Services team as well, I’m familiar with Auto CAD and how easy it is to make many of the changes that we’re after in the design.  This makes it even more frustrating, because the majority of the changes we’re after could be done in less than 30 minutes. 

I hope that Barden is really that busy and having a great year, but the economy and housing market would push me to think otherwise.  If they’re not, what is taking so long?  You’d think they would want to get the changes out the door ASAP in hopes of getting the contract signed.

Oh well.  I vented, and feel better already :).