We are really very close to being able to start the actual construction of the house.  I am close to finalizing the banking aspects, we have sent for the final changes to the Barden Plans, and we have just about all of the contractors lined up.  So, we should be good to go, right?  Wrong!

No Sewage Permit = No Building Permit

In my city, like most (I’m assuming), in order to get your building permit, you must first obtain your Sewage Permit.  Doing so protects you a bit, because you don’t invest a bunch of money in excavating and basement work, just to find out you can’t connect to the city sewer.

Apparently the PA Department of Environmental Protection frowns on the fact that my city’s sewage plant overflows when we receive an over abundance of rain.  Must be they don’t like the idea of poo flowing down the nearby crick!  Because this issue is happening, the PA DEP has revoked the city’s ability to issue new connections to the sewage system, until they present a plan to correct the issue that the DEP likes.  Yeah, quite a bummer on our end. 

I’ve been to City Hall and spoke with the Sanitary Authority numerous times to try to find a way around this, but I am stuck.  No where to go…  So, we are now waiting until April 21st, when the Sanitary Authority may hear back from DEP that they can issue some connections to the sewage system, since there are 4 other building projects being held up as well.

What perfect timing to halt new construction!  Just when the economy needs it most, my city stops me from building.  I guess that’s my luck.  For now, I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they get some connections soon and we can get rolling…

Bottom Line, Expect Delays

We had originally planned to start building in March of this year, then realized that it wouldn’t happen until April, and now it looks like May.  While I hope nothing holds you up, I would be surprised if you didn’t run into any snags that delay your project.