floor-plan After narrowing your list down to 1 floor plan that you’d like to work with, you must make a one-time payment of $1000.00 to send the selected floor plan into Barden’s Engineers.  They will research your area’s building codes and laws, as well as work on any modifications to your floor plan.  That $1000.00 investment buys you as many iterations of changes to your plans as you want, and essentially gets you final, stamped plans.  If you have ever worked with an engineer on a floor plan, you know that stamped, final plans can run you up to 10 times what it costs through Barden Homes.

Turn Around Time

One of the hurdles we’ve experienced is the time it takes to get revisions to our plans back.  The Barden Engineers say it takes 7-9 business days to complete changes.  This includes even the smallest of changes, so try to submit changes in batches to avoid major delays.  That timeframe is very accurate.  It almost always takes a week+ to get our changes back. 

I understand that it takes time to make changes to the plans, but 7-9 days seems like forever!  Because I am an IT Consultant and Programmer, I am familiar with Autocad and other engineering suites.  It doesn’t take that long for changes to be made.  Ok, enough ranting on turn around time.


My wife and I have never built a home before and know very little about building codes, etc…  The engineers are able to help us in that regard by telling us if changes that we’ve requested are not up to code, or if they compromise the structure of the home.

Because they work on home designs every day, they have also recommended small changes here and there that will provide added convenience for us, or make a room more functional.

Modify, Modify, Modify Until You’re Happy

If you’re like my wife and I, you’re probably building your last home.  That’s all the more reason to take your time and modify the plans until you are 100% happy with them.  Make no compromises!  Heck, you paid your $1,000.00, take advantage of it!  The Barden Homes Engineers will work on your changes until you are happy, so hold them to it.

Time Spent Now Will Save Money Later

By making all of the changes before building starts, you assure yourself that you KNOW what the house is going to cost you.  That’s the biggest reason to iron out the details of the home before you go final with your plans.  If you ask anyone that has built a home, what costs the most money, they will likely tell you, straying from the plan, or making changes on the fly to how the house should be.  It wastes materials, and adds a lot to labor.

Do yourself a favor, plan as much as possible up front, and ensure that your final plans are truly final!

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