After this post, I will be officially caught up!  That is until this evening, because they are setting the 2nd floor walls as I type this.  Yesterday, they:

  • finished the couple of interior walls that were left,
  • finished some of the 2nd floor-floor joists,
  • covered the exterior of the floor joists around the outside of the house (2nd photo below shows this),
  • laid the entire 2nd floor subfloor

I was skeptical yesterday that they would come today and do the 2nd floor walls because there is a high percentage chance of rain, but they are out back setting walls.  To get updates and photos throughout the day, follow me on twitter.  I will most certainly post a video of the 2nd floor wall progress this evening or tomorrow morning, so check back.

Here’s a small walkthrough of the 1st floor on day 3 of framing as well as some corresponding photos: