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Building A Barden Home

My step by step experience with Barden Homes

Barden Homes = Faster Framing

clock July 21, 2009 10:41 by author Donny Kemick

While I feel that Barden offers many advantages over modular homes and traditional stick-built homes, the biggest so far for me has been the speed in which the house has been framed in and enclosed from the elements.  It has taken 6 working days total (and consecutive, minus 1 weekend) to get the 1st floor, 2nd floor, and roof framed in and sheathed.  We’ve only had one really rainy day, and that was enough to make my stomach turn when I saw water on the floors.  After today, we’ll be fairly dry the rest of the project! 

Clearly a stick-built home would sit in the elements much longer before being fairly protected from weather.

Timeline Of Barden Homes Framing Events (July 8th-July 21st)

To recap the timeframe in which we went from the pic on the left, to the pic on the right, check out the timeline below:

DSC00134 DSC00383

July 8th - 10th, 2009 – 1st Floor Deck Delivered and Completed

DSC00127 DSC00134

July 14th – 1st Floor Walls Delivered and Almost Entirely Setup

DSC00161 DSC00175

July 16th – 1st Floor Walls & 2nd Floor Deck Complete

DSC00172 DSC00169

July 17th – 2nd Floor Delivery and Setup

DSC00201 DSC00214

July 20th – Roof Trusses Delivered and Setup

DSC00372 DSC00373 

July 21st – Roof Sheathing In Place

DSC00378 DSC00386

What’s To Come This Week?

I’m not certain what all will happen this week, but if I had to guess I would say:

  • Shingling of the Roof
  • Wrap for around the house
  • Windows and Doors

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Whitaker Corners 2nd Floor Walkthrough After Framing - Day 1

clock July 17, 2009 20:51 by author Donny Kemick

Earlier, I posted a photos and video of the crew setting our Barden Home’s 2nd floor walls.  I also did a walkthrough of the 2nd floor and wanted to share that:

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Whitaker Corners 2nd Floor Wall Delivery and Setup

clock July 17, 2009 17:10 by author Donny Kemick

Despite the weather forecast for today, the crew pushed ahead and we had our 2nd major delivery (3rd overall I believe) which included interior and exterior walls for the 2nd floor of our Whitaker Corners Barden Home.  I wasn’t able to get as much video of the process this time because of my schedule today, but I did get some.  My webcam took a couple decent shots.  The one on the left below is to the weather.

09071709294600 09071711012000

Video of Setup and Exterior

Exterior Photos

DSC00215 DSC00214 DSC00216 DSC00217 DSC00218 DSC00219DSC00220 DSC00222 

Setting the Wall Panels

DSC00199 DSC00200 DSC00201 

Looking Around Upstairs

DSC00202 DSC00203 DSC00204 DSC00205 DSC00206 DSC00207 DSC00208 DSC00209 DSC00210 DSC00211 DSC00212 DSC00213

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