Camden-Door This may seem like a trivial task to some, but we have had a heck of a time!  The interior doors were a snap.  We looked at the sheet of standard Barden Home doors, and picked one in a minute.  The one we picked, is the Jeld-Wen Camden door, to the right.  The front door has been a much harder task.  While the standard Barden Home front doors are OK, we have been planning on ordering a “better” door.  By better, I mean a fancier glass, and maybe a wood door instead of fiberglass. 

Salinas-GlassWe are shopping the Therma-Tru Doors selection since our general contractor (GC), has been recommending them, and they are one of the Barden Homes suppliers.  On the Therma-Tru site, there are a few categories of doors we’ve been looking at:

We’ve stuck with those because our GC recommended them.  He also mentioned that the Steel doors are a bit dated looking. 

In the Fiber-Classic and Smooth-Star styles, we’ve chosen the Salinas glass with black nickel details.

After some ballpark costs for our home, we may revisit the standard doors to help save money.  The standard door that we’re looking at is the 8-Panel Center Arch with matching sidelights shown below:


Why We’ve Struggled with the Decision

There are a couple of reasons we’ve had a hard time making a decision on which door to go with.  I have omitted the several doors we considered from the Fiber-Classic and Smooth-Star categories for your benefit :).

One of the main reasons we’ve had a hard time deciding which door to go with is that our house isn’t the type that features the door like the Arlington Barden Home:


Our’s is the Sullivan’s Run design:


Our thought is that the door is under the porch and doesn’t really stand out as much.  It’s not “the feature” on the front of the house.  So, we don’t really feel like it has to be a high-end door. 

We also like to have the windows and doors open in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  To do that, we’ll need to have a screen door on the front, which would seriously diminish the impact of a nice wood door. 

Finally, budget is playing a part.  My wife and I agree for the most part that we’d rather have the inside of the house be nicer, and compromise things like the door, or use of facial stone on the outside.